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Tollgrade is the World’s Smart Grid Sensor Market Share Leader

Posted by Kimberly Getgen, Vice President Corporate Marketing on Apr 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

It’s official. A recently released IHS Report named Tollgrade as the world’s Smart Grid Sensor market share leader through their own estimation of the market based on actual units shipped in 2015. Tollgrade also earned number one status in North America where IHS projects the highest growth, due to the extreme pressures of weather systems, aging infrastructure and declining operation budgets causing utilities to adopt Smart Grid Sensors more widely, quickly. 

Tollgrade - World’s Smart Grid Sensor Market Share Leader

“IHS has estimated Tollgrade as the leading supplier of Smart Grid Sensors in the world by unit shipments,” said Fizza Arshad IHS Smart Utility Infrastructure analyst. “In addition, Tollgrade is actively engaged in predictive analytics which we believe is beginning to taking hold in the market.   When Smart Grid Sensors are combined with this level of analytics, utilities can better predict future outages and grid equipment that is about to fail, thereby improving a utility’s logistics and operational savings.” The report The World Market for Smart Grid Sensors – 2015” is available for purchase at the IHS website.

IHS, one of the first analyst firms to track Smart Grid Sensors as a stand-alone category in the Distribution Automation (DA) market, predicts that by 2021 demand for new Smart Grid Sensor technology will grow 1,200% making it one of the fastest growing segments in DA and allowing it to surpass its earliest predecessor, non-communicating Fault Current Indicator (FCI) sensor technology.

The reason for the wide-spread adoption is partly due to the fact that Smart Grid Sensors are a low-risk, shovel-ready technology that allow utilities to respond more effectively to outages caused by extreme weather or failing grid infrastructure.  Tollgrade leads the industry in ease of deployment with sensors that can be safely deployed on live utility lines in minutes. Once installed, sensors improve a utility’s operational expenses by reducing the number of trips crews must take to make repairs. But what makes Tollgrade unique, is the information we deliver through our Predictive Grid® Analytics software, allowing utilities to prevent outages for the first time. Armed with this level of analytics, utilities can positively change the way they communicate outage information to their customers. 

For more information on how Tollgrade is helping utilities prevent outages, download the Predictive Grid Quarterly Report which is the first industry benchmark available to educate utilities and policy makers on the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent outages with this advanced type of sensor technology.

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